Wheels for Wishes

Donate Your Old Car To Wheels For Wishes And Help Benefit Make-A-Wish Mid-South

Whether you’re looking to donate a vehicle or recycle it, you’re in luck because you have the opportunity to do both. When you have a vehicle to dispose of, you can donate it and Wheels For Wishes and we can turn it into a wish for a local child while also recycling and reusing each and every car part. We do our best to make the most of every donation we receive, and we take vehicles in any condition, running or not, and of any year, make, or model. Read more »

Green: Death of the Forests

A visual essay about the impact of deforestation in Indonesia as seen through the eyes of a dying orangutan.


This extraordinary visual essay, told with no human commentary at all, explores the impact of deforestation and the exploitation of natural resources in Indonesia from the point of view of a dying orangutan called Green. Read more »

Ecovillages and Permaculture

Ecovillages and Permaculture: a reference model for sustainable consumption?


Mass Balloon Releases in Georgia

Amie Koporc sent a message using the contact form at http://www.sustainar.org/contact.

If you're able, please take just a minute and sign this petition that my 2nd grade daughter has started to outlaw mass balloon releases in the state of Georgia. Please share with others who may share her passion for our land and marine wildlife. She is seeking signatures from individuals in all 50 states. Read more »

Earth Day Events Upcoming!

Arkansas Green Tie Dinner, Clinton Library – April 12, www.USGBCAR.orgKeynote Speaker: George Bandy, Jr., USGBC Board member and Vice President, InterfaceFLOR

LEED Workshop, Thurs, April 12, 2012, 8-5pm, Arkansas Studies Institute, Little Rock, AR, www.USGBCAR.org   Read more »

Winter Seed Saving: Pumpkins and Squash

By Jill Henderson

With Christmas just around the corner, the last thing people might be thinking of is gardening, but the two go together like pumpkin pie and whipped cream. In fact, if you grew your own pumpkins or squash this year and plan on using the sweet flesh to make delectable holiday treats with, now is the perfect time for saving their seeds. Extracting and drying seeds from hard-shelled squash and pumpkins is fairly straightforward, however, you must first be sure that the seeds you save now will come true to type next year. Read more »

Otters in the Ozarks

When Henry Rowe Schoolcraft first entered the Ozarks in 1818, he found the area lightly populated by settlers whose livelihoods included hunting, trapping and timber. At that time, the Ozarks were still a secret wilderness overflowing with thick virgin timber and teaming with wildlife. But it wouldn’t be long before prospectors began to cash-in on the abundance of the land, and a great assault on the precious resources of the Ozarks began. Read more »

A Hole Lot of Trouble!

By Jill Henderson

Last week I was in the shop working on a project when I realized that for the entire hour that I had been there, I had been hearing the steady, drumming rhythm of a woodpecker pounding a nearby tree. I stepped out of the shop to look for the source of the sound, hoping to find out which species of woodpecker it was. I scanned the trunks of nearby trees without luck. Finally, I walked around the side of the well house to get a better look at the lower portion of the trees when a small woodpecker shot out in front of me and landed in a low-hanging branch ten feet away. I turned to look at the side of the well house and immediately saw a tidy hole in the wood siding just below the eave. Read more »

Fabulous Frost Flowers

Humans have a love-hate relationship with winter. On one hand it’s cold and sometimes dreary and on the other it is a respite from the heat and bugs of summer. With unsurpassed vistas, clear woodland paths and limitless opportunities to spot birds, raptors and other wildlife, winter also allows for some of the best hiking of the year. During winter hikes one can spot some of nature’s best architectural wonders, specifically those created during freezing weather, such as ice falls, hoary frost and frozen fog. My all-time favorite wintertime sculpture has to be the elusive and transient frost flower. Read more »

Big Bucks and Hunting Season

By Jill Henderson

As we round into the third week of November the Ozarks is enjoying blissful days of low-70 degree temperatures and generally sunny skies. The winds have been gusting steadily all week long and have finally blown in a good soaking. I view the weather from the perspective of a gardener, homesteader, and naturalist and this week’s weather has afforded my husband and I the perfect opportunity to check our fence lines and enjoy a hearty hike in the woods. But now that the official hunting season has begun, we will spend the next two weeks a little closer to the house.
Read more »