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Green: Death of the Forests

A visual essay about the impact of deforestation in Indonesia as seen through the eyes of a dying orangutan.

This extraordinary visual essay, told with no human commentary at all, explores the impact of deforestation and the exploitation of natural resources in Indonesia from the point of view of a dying orangutan called Green. Read more »

Ecovillages and Permaculture

Ecovillages and Permaculture: a reference model for sustainable consumption?

Obama nominates pesticide executive to high post

Do we really want to continue pushing our broken industrial agriculture system, including GMO's, on the rest of the world? Watch this video of Amy Goodman interviewing one of the leading opponents of this nomination.

The Science on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

  Read more »

Sign the petition to Obama from Food Democracy Now!

Dear President-Elect Obama,

We congratulate you on your historic victory and welcome the change that your election promises to usher in for our nation. As leaders in the sustainable agriculture and rural advocacy community we supported you in record numbers during the caucus, primary and general election because of the family farm-friendly policies that you advocated during your campaign. Read more »

Receive legislative alerts as climate change legislation is considered by the 2009 Arkansas Legislature

Planetwork - A project of the Omni Center

Below is the text that is on the front page of the website:

There are solutions to climate change and the economy in Arkansas.
In 2009, there are many opportunities to address climate change and poverty in our state. The work of the Governor's Commission on Global Warming has drafted policies which could create thousands of green-collar jobs that lift people out of poverty and fight climate change simultaneously. Read more »

Eco-toolkit from Organic Consumers Association

Earth Week is just around the corner (April 19-26), and the OCA wants to make sure you have your eco-toolbelts equipped with all of the necessary materials to help educate people and move the country toward positive change. Whether you are attending an Earth Day event, throwing an environmentally focused house party, or just bringing some helpful reading materials to leave on the office break-room table during Earth Week, the OCA has a full menu of green goodies for you to print, copy and circulate: Read more »

Bill McKibben interview about global warming

Check out this youtube video of the great Bill McKibben being interviewed about global warming by Wendy Hanamura of LinkTV.


Here's Bill talking about local food.


And here's a link to a 1 minute video of a fantastic new documentary called the planet.