Ecogrease Lighting

 Ecogrease Lightning is a non-profit organization created by five college sophomore students determined to change the way we do things. The way we use energy, the way we participate in our communities, and the way we relate to and support our country, and its people, as a whole.


Our basic idea is to convert a school bus to run on SVO (straight vegetable oil) and drive around the country promoting sustainable practices; stopping along the way to volunteer for both Habitat for Humanity, and local volunteer organizations. Our goal is to perform at least 100 hours of service work for every week that we’re on the road, cumulating in 700 total hours. In addition to volunteering for various organizations we will host “educational experiences”, which will detail the various advantages of leading a sustainable lifestyle to a diverse audience. The bus itself, being fueled by SVO, will further advocate the importance of sustainability.                          


Ecogrease Lightning is a true grassroots movement, as such; we rely heavily on the contributions of supportive individuals who share our passion to initiate change. Every donation we receive contributes to the progression of our journey. Should you be interested in the Ecogrease project, we would be honored to receive your support. Should you have any questions please contact us by visiting our website ( and clicking the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page; we'd be happy to send you additional information on our project.


Thank you for your consideration!




The Ecogrease Lightning Team